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White River Now The Best Fishing Seen In Years

Due to abnormally high water for several years now the trout population has exploded in the White and North Fork rivers. So has trophy trout growth!

See Current Photos & Videos of Big Trout Caught With Cranor's

Donald Cranor's Personal Guarantee:
If you don't catch trout when you fish with us, I will refund 100% of your trip cost!

Donald Cranor with 22 pound brown trout

Donald Cranor holding a 22lb. 2oz brown caught by Scott McGee (next to Donald). Donald taught Scott how to cast a spinning rod at 7:30am. Then, at 9:30am Scott showed Donald how to land a real trophy trout. Scott picked up on trophy fishing pretty quick!
(May 2013)

Why Fish With A Full Time Professional White River Outfitter and Trout Fishing Guide?
Because you catch more trout, bigger trout, and have more fun! While the White and Norfork rivers hold fantastic trout fishing, you've got to know where those trout will be in any water condition. Tailwater fishery conditions change daily in all seasons as water rises and falls. To ensure action-packed trout fishing you have to find trout school concentrations, which can be anywhere along 50 miles of the White river.

film crew in action with Cranor
A film crew from a highly popular outdoor TV series captures Donald Cranor in action.

trout fishing with donald cranor's guide service
John Mayo (left) with his 9lb.8oz.brown,
and Donald Cranor with an 8lb.brown.
These fish were caught and released July 2004.

Licensed and insured professional trout fishing guides like Donald Cranor have the necessary knowledge of where trout schools will be, and most importantly, they have the flexibility of putting in on the best water zone for the day you are fishing. They are not locked into the zone near a dock or resort. And because Donald is a sponsored guide, you'll have the joy of using the most modern top-notch tackle available.

Why The Media Goes Trout Fishing With Donald Cranor
In today's intense battle for high media ratings, TV show hosts and print journalists alike know they have to trout fish with a guide who can keep the big fish coming to the boat.

Keeping fishing show ratings high is no easy task. It takes an engaging guide who knows how to consistently catch the big ones. Donald is fun, courteous, safety conscious, and of course, he is an expert at catching big trout on the White and North Fork rivers. On a regular basis Donald appears in TV shows like "Fishin' Hawg Country", Outdoor Channel's  "Rebel's People Who Fish", and "Adventure Sports Outdoors". He has also appeared in several issues of Field & Stream and Outdoor Life magazines. For a complete list of Donald's media appearences visit Donald's Press Room.

Read An Article By Donald Cranor - How To Fish Minnows For Larger High Water Trout

trophy brown trount
Catching several trophy trout in a day is common as these two brothers fishing with Donald experienced.

Who Says You Catch Only One Big Trout Per Trip?
Changing weather conditions or changing water conditions change the way trout are feeding, and where they are feeding. Change where and how you are fishing when conditions change, and you'll stand a much higher probability of catching more trophy fish in the same trip. In the three photos above brothers Kurt and Chris, fishing in the same boat with Donald, caught these three large browns in the same day. When fishing with Donald you are fishing with someone who has the experience to know how to fish changing water and weather patterns.

winter fishing rainbow trout white river donald cranor
David Miles caught these two big browns on the same day. They weighed 9.6 and 8.3 pounds.

Who Says You Catch Big Trout Only In Nice Warm Weather ?
David Miles, like many of the White river trophy trout fishermen who fish with Donald Cranor, know that February, March, April, and May offer the most exciting big trout fishing days. While Donald and his clients catch big trout all year on the White river, the odds are higher in the late winter and early spring months. Like so many of Donald's clients, David caught more than one nice trout on this snowy day in February. Cranor's Guide Service fishes all year because fishing is good anytime, and there are no closed fishing seasons in Arkansas. Any trout weighing four or more pounds is considered to be a trophy. You'll catch rainbow, cutthroat, brown, and an occasional brook trout. In the North Fork river you'll catch all four species in abundance.

Watch Cranor's White River Trout Fishing Video -  See men, women, and children catching monster trout in spring, summer, and winter with Donald on the White River. (Windows Media Player 300kbps.)

Donald Cranor & Will Taylor 5 lb trout white river
Will Taylor lands a 5 pound brown trout on the White River

Who Says You Need Experience To Catch Trophy Trout?
It's a common misconception that only highly skilled fishermen catch the big trout. But as young Will Taylor now knows, all you need is a guide like Donald who can put you on the fish, then talk you through how to land the fish when you hook a beauty. Will set the hook, played this 5 pound brown, and brought it to the net by himself. Many people who have never been trout fishing in their life catch trout like Will's on their first day out with Donald. If a person is willing to do what Donald says, they can catch nice trout without any experience!

When it comes to experience, few have as much as Donald, who started working as a trout fishing guide at the age of 15. That was in 1982 and since then Donald has not stopped fishing professionally on the White and North Fork rivers.

Trout Fishing Trips for Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups, & Corporate Outings
At Cranor's Guide Service we conduct trips of all sizes from one to 25 boats for up to 50 persons. We'll cook shore lunches for everyone in your party (see prices below). If you would like help arranging lodging for yourself or your group, we'll be glad to recommend several facilities. Tell us what you'd like and we'll recommend accordingly. Same for area restaurants, attractions, and outdoor recreation.

Donald's Lodging Recommendations: (I'll also be glad to pick you up at your accommodations)
White River Trout Lodge 877-848-7688
Brass Door Motel  870-435-2988 (just a couple of miles from Cotter river access)

Ashley's River Retreat 877-864-1972
Trout House Cabin 870-365-6277
White River Getaway
Nelson's White River Retreat
White River Rentals 870-425-9465
Denton Ferry RV 800-275-5611 - a modern RV park right on the White river or a 1,700 sqft. 2 bedroom 2 bath deluxe vacation house.
Motel Recommendations In Mountain Home
Days Inn 870-425-1010
Comfort Inn 870-424-9000
Super 8 Motel  870-424-5600
Holiday Inn Express 870-425-6200
Hampton Inn 870-425-0344
Ramada Inn 870-425-9191
River Rock Inn 870-425-5101
Bed And Breakfast
Old Ferry Road Bed & Breakfast for Luxury Lodging
Norfork Lake Resort
Hummingbird Hideaway Resort

trophy brown trout caught in flood

While fishing with Donald Cranor David Miles caught this 9lb 3oz brown in the record high waters of late May 2011. That's the Bull Shoals State Park trout dock flooded in the background. This big brown was caught in what is normally the dock's parking lot.

Discount of 20% for groups of 20 or more people.

Rates For Guided Fishing Trips
Licensed and INSURED Professional Guide

We Accept
credit cards

# of People
Per Boat
Half Day * Full Day
Box Lunch

Full Day
Shore Lunch

Spin Fishing Rates
1 or 2 people $275 $350 $400
3 people $350 $450 $500
Fly Fishing Rates
Fly Fishing **
1 or 2 people
$350 $400 n/a
Fly Fishing **
3 people
$400 $525 n/a

Cancellation Policy

A credit card number is required to hold your reservation. A cancellation fee equal to 50% of your total reserved trip cost will be charged if you cancel 21 days or less before your reserved trip date. A fee equal to 100% of your total trip will be charged if you cancel 3 days or less before your reserved trip date.

*A Half day trip is any four hours of the day. A Full Day trip is from 7:30am to 3:30pm.
Everything You Need Included Except Licenses - No Other Extra Charges!

Prices include bait, tackle, flies, leaders, rods, reels, water, and soft drinks. 

Donald Cranor's Personal Guarantee:
If you don't catch trout when you fish with us, I will refund 100% of your trip cost!

Lunches - Shore lunches include private recipe homemade hush puppies, BLT's, some of your morning's catch fried in cornmeal batter, fried potatoes, beverages, and dessert. Box lunches include a Subway sandwich, chips, cookies, and soda.

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Watch on Facbeook what your friends are catching with us!
Tell your friends pictures of your trophy trout will be posted as you land them.
See our regular reports too.

Why Fish With A Sponsored Guide?
Donald Cranor is sponsored by several brand name fishing tackle companies. These companies work with professional guides as a way to introduce their new equipment to the public. This means you get to fish with the most modern equipment and tackle. It's a chance to "test-drive" top-notch rods, reels, and tackle all day. It is just one more way to get your money's worth during a grand guided fishing trip!

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